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Partial TGS Minisprites!

Alright, so this is the Project that I’ve been working on recently. There will be a readmore below this to explain everything, but here are the sprites for it!


For those who may not know their names, From left to right this would be Jesse Cox, Total Biscuit, and Dodger

Jesse Cox :  Heir of Light

To start things off we have Jesse. To explain why I chose the Heir of Light title for him goes by two standards of his personality and his form of gameplay. The reason I chose Light to begin with is more stated on two things. The first thing is part of Jesse’s own backstory, watching a certain Q&A he talks about how he started with Youtube. Long story short he was one of the luckiest men in the world when it came to it. This isn’t quite the main reason though. The light aspect I’ve seen being used more as a knowledge aspect. As Jesse keeps saying that he is a ‘Lore Nerd’ This aspect seems to match him the best as he’s always looking for the story whenever he’s playing a game. I’m assuming it helps with immersion purposes but it might also just be for the fact that the worlds themselves are just that interesting that he wants to continue figuring out the entire story.

As part of his gameplay always focuses on getting all the information and essentially surrounding himself in the information to make the game that much better for himself. Arguably speaking you could consider this the Thief aspect but there are other reasons. He has stated before that he spent some time working as a Teacher (I believe a history) and in order to teach you have to make your way by surrounding yourself in the subject, immersing yourself in the environment in order to get the point across to children. As such I feel like Jesse is an Heir as he focuses heavily on knowledge and history and surround himself in it to make things all the better, immersing himself into the game so much that he wants to learn the lore.

Total Biscuit : Page of Mind

Next we move to Total biscuit and the Page of Mind title. I’m not drawing him in the Jake Incarnation or whatever that odd speedo version is, I really doubt I would like to hear which people want to see him in a speedo but that’s beside the point. The reason I chose the mind aspect for Biscuit is mainly based on what he does with his channel and how he actually does. He uses logical reasoning to explain why most games are better quality or worse quality, expressing his opinions and giving examples as to why these games have the qualities that they do. This amount of logic is one of the key factors behind the mind aspect and it fits him nearly perfectly as with everything he does he applies his own logic to each subject.  As per recent videos explaining his logic behind what he needs to do with his channel, why he won’t do E3, and other examples show that his approach to most concepts of his videos come mainly from logic.

The reason I chose the Page aspect is mainly because of another History Lesson. To what I can remember because I have not been watching TB for that long, he has been at this for quite some time. He started doing Youtube content near the beginning of WoW I believe? At the very least he started with just WoW. His videos weren’t that good a the time yadda yadda you get the Idea. Coming to the point now in 2013 however he has a fairly large influence in the gaming industry as a Youtube Commenter, and as his page continues to say he is the #1 PC gaming commenter. Over the past X amount of years he’s been at this he’s been slowly building up his power and slowly becoming better. This is the first page of the Page aspect, as they seem to be one of the most powerful classes ONLY if you work at it for a very long time.

The second reason as to why I chose the Page is that the main aspect of the Page is that “They provide others with [aspect’ “ My entire reasoning behind why TB was better as a mind player pretty much sums up my entire reasoning behind why the page fits. He’s always giving the viewers the logic and information that they need to make the decisions to make the games that they should play. That is pretty much exactly what the Page does and it just fits TB perfectly.

Dodger : Seer of Heart.

Dodger I had some problems with. It was the easiest to choose but it’s one of the harder ones to explain. Mainly due to the fact that, as her personality sits, it fits a lot of the Heart players to date. Everything about her urges you to focus on emotions and intuition. Although I haven’t watched a lot of Dodgers work, what I can focus on is that she does try to relate with the characters in the video games as well as relating with her viewers. Her main aspect of ‘Coffee Time’ is focusing on just talking about certain subjects with her followers and viewers. She continues to get people going and follow her on her regularly scheduled work and enjoy the time of the game with her. Focusing towards emotions and intuition based on her own emotional state and love of video games.

 Also her channel name is PressHeartToContinue. Making her anything other than the heart aspect would pretty much be a sin I’d imagine. There are some others that may fit but heart works pretty well for her.

Now to try and explain the seer… Honestly It’s kind of a tossup between a lot of them for her. I chose Seer because of the aspect of seer being ‘’one who benefits others with their knowledge pertaining to their aspect’’. As such I figured that Seer would work, as she does seem to continue pushing people to learn by showing them the content that she does, her gaming news showing a wide variety of samples in the gaming market does lead her to getting people excited and showing their emotions to the newest parts of the world. I don’t quite have much more to go off of because her personality and actions are relatively balanced that she could fit in a lot of Classes either active or passive. 


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